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I thought the wife of my friend Nick, Donna, since I met her a year and a half ago, but has never megaporn happened not even a hint of something between us. Shortly before Christmas that has changed. Donna is about the same age as megaporn me and Nick, 29 years She is 5'7 'with short brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She is a creature very sexy and has a very good figure. Nick and I worked together and went to the office Christmas do, on Friday, a week before Christmas. Because I live a good distance out of London and Nick to live about 5 miles from downtown, he beat me to stay for night in order to spend more megaporn time at the party. Nick went back to about 3. 30 and after another beer, I went to bed. the next morning we were unemployed at 11 and 00 of the clock after a few hours decided to bring the pub for 'hair of the dog, Donna go with us. We stayed at the bar until 6. 00 and took a few cans. Nick suggested that I stay again. Fortunately, it is about the same size II could not 3 days on a trot, without a change of clothing has gone! We a take away and watched some movies. After the second movie, Donna said: 'What we do now, Nick said: ' Why give us both a blow job. ' I was surprised but excited when she said.. Then ' ok' and knelt she was first released my pants and my cock hardening as he had thrown quickly over his head and started licking and sucking me. on the other hand Nick helped undo his pants and his penis if she was moving her head toward him and began their impressive work. it is an inch longer than me and a little thicker megaporn and I was hoping Donna would find me no less impressive, but when she moved her mouth on my return, I lost all my concerns. \\ \\ n After a while suction Donna said he wanted some language. I told him to commit to love, and Nick told me to try it. Donna megaporn pulled the pants and panties and sat on the couch next to Nick . WhiI sucked on her delicious pussy Nick celebrated me. She was cut very clean and had pink lips more beautiful. I have twice before I pulled out and told me to come fuck her. I saw Nick and I had a big smile on his face, so that repositions and sank my cock inside her. God was very good and I fucked her for a few minutes before. As soon as I pulled Nick moved and started a second to see it. Nick was very fast and then we all sat around a few minutes to recover say how wonderful it was. They said they had never had sex with another person since we got married, but has recently been much debated. Donna finally said that there was something more like what Nick suggested we go to your room. I took and passed the rest of the night was the best we could. At some point I megaporn got into the room because I was dead tired, but I could hear Donna and Nick still for him, since fell asleep. A The next morning I woke Donna down on the bed next to me. It was straight down on my cock and gave me the most incredible blowjob. megaporn I returned the favor they did twice before had a nice slow fuck. They said they had thought megaporn for years and hoped that we could make this a regular. We have not really something together, do like, but I talked to Nick about it and he thought it was great and would gladly do it again. Donna met last Friday came after working with Nick and the subject. She said she'd love to be repeated, but unfortunately is going to a family wedding on Saturday, but we agreed for me next weekend. I can not wait !
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